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Crab Apple

crab apple treeMalus spp.

There are approximately 25 species of apples native to the temperate areas of the northern hemisphere, five of which are native to North America. The apples that we purchase at the grocery store or grow in our back yards were developed from Malus pumila, which is native to southeastern Europe and Asia.

Because crab apples are easy to grow and are hardy, they were widely planted in Flagstaff neighborhoods in the 1950s. Many of these trees still provide beautiful spring color to our city.

For a spectacular display of flowering crab apples in bloom during April, visit the Inn at NAU and enjoy lunch on the patio. These crab apples were planted in the 1950s when this was the University President’s residence. It is now the School of Hotel Restaurant Management and provides accommodations and meals as part of its curriculum. Visit their website here.

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