frequently asked questions

Q.     How long do I need to keep supporting documentation in my department?

A.    The State of Arizona approves formal records retention and disposition schedules for use by all NAU departments.  Please consult the following Web site for further information about records management at NAU:

Q.    Who receives the internal audit reports?

A.     The internal audit reports are distributed up through the chain of command to the president. Distribution for audits on sensitive matters such as wrongdoing or personnel matters may be limited to the president and others on a need-to-know basis.

All audit reports and projects are shared with the Arizona Board of Regents' internal audit staff and the Arizona Auditor General's staff.

Q.     How are the audits scheduled?

A      The audits are scheduled based on a list of pending audits prioritized and approved by the Vice President for Administration & Finance.  See How Audits are Decided Upon for more information.

Q.    How long does an audit take?

A.    Audits may last from several days to a few months and will vary in length depending on an area's size, complexity, the specific audit objective, and any other outstanding project/audit that is in process or arises.  Not all the time devoted to the audit will be evident to you, because of the amount of preparation, analysis, and related work needed to document the effort.  We will keep you updated on the progress of the audit. 

Q.    How do I request an audit review? 

A.    The usual process would be to discuss it with your supervisor for submission through the appropriate chain-of-command. There are certain sensitive circumstances when an employee may choose to contact our department directly.

We welcome informal telephone calls, e-mails, or visits to discuss concerns.

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