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Dear Colleague:

    This information has been prepared to help you understand the role of the internal audit department at Northern Arizona University and to answer some typical questions.

    The internal audit department provides me and other university administrators with valuable assistance in performing our duties by acting as internal consultants.  They evaluate internal controls to ensure operations function adequately; identify or resolve problems; test compliance with established policies and procedures; and make recommendations for our consideration.  These auditing activities involve all aspects of the university's mission and, therefore, are important in achieving our goals.  The internal audit department performs objective and independent appraisals.  The internal audit department has unrestricted access to all records, personnel, and properties.

    Because the internal auditing process is interactive between management and the auditor, it is important that you understand the process, goals, and your role in any review.  This site answers some of the most commonly asked questions about internal audits.  The professional staff in the internal audit department are available to answer any additional questions that you may have about your audit review or the auditing process.


John D. Haeger

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P.O. Box 4115

Flagstaff, AZ 86011


928-523-6630 fax

University Services Building (Building 90)

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