What to Expect if Audited

Before the Audit

  • The audit client and university administration will be informed of the audit.
  • An entrance conference will be held with the audit client to discuss the objectives and scope of the audit, and administration of the audit.

During the Audit

  • As audit fieldwork progresses, the audit client will be informed of potential findings and recommendations as they are identified and given an opportunity to provide feedback.

After Audit Fieldwork

  • An exit conference will be held to discuss potential findings and recommendations.
  • A draft audit report will be issued to the audit client, and the client will be given an opportunity to respond to the report and any recommendations.  Responses to recommendations will include action to be taken, who will be responsible , and a date for the action to be completed.
  • The responses will be incorporated into the draft audit report and the report will be reviewed by the audit client and other administrators, as needed.
  • The system office will be asked to comment on the audit report.
  • The final audit report will issued to university administration and the ABOR Audit Committee.


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