2013 Legislative Internship

Arizona State Capitol

The Arizona Legislative Internship Program is co-sponsored by the Arizona State Senate/Arizona State House of Representatives/Arizona Supreme Court/the Arizona Governor's Office and Arizona universities.

The 2013 Legislative Internship Program offers selected college students an opportunity to participate in the Arizona Legislative process, work in the Governor's or Supreme Court offices or work in the Legislative Broadcast Center, producing coverage of legislative proceedings for the Internet and cable television.


Program Objectives

Broaden the scope of undergraduate and graduate curricula by offering students a unique type of learning experience.

Assist the State Legislature in the form of legislative research and specific project research. The internship stresses thorough research, distillation of complex material, and precise writing.

Provide service opportunities for college students seeking to participate in efforts toward solving problems facing the citizens of Arizona.

Encourage students to evaluate career goals, consider citizen leadership in public programs, and acquaint the Legislature and state agencies with possible candidates for future employment.


Program Description

The legislative internship occurs in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.  The internship runs 18 weeks concurrent with the legislative session, which is approximately the first week of January through May.  The internship will require the student to work at least 40 hours per week at the state capitol in Phoenix. Early morning and late night meetings often occur and your attendance will be required.

Specific position duties vary depending on assignment. General duties include:

    conducting research;

    analyzing proposed legislation and writing bill summaries;

    attending committee hearings;

  • presenting bills in committees and caucus;

  • preparing amendments;

  • communicating with legislators, liaisons of state agencies, lobbyists, constituents and members of the general public;

  • performing administrative duties to facilitate the legislative process. At a minimum, administrative duties include filing, note taking and the physical delivery of documents throughout the capitol complex; these deliveries may be deadline driven and time sensitive.

Interns are supervised by a legislative staff person. Interns are assigned to either subject-oriented committees or to the offices of the republican or democratic staff.

Committees cover topics including:

    • Appropriations and Budget
    • Commerce and Economic Development
    • Natural Resources
    • Taxes and Finance
    • Health
    • Environment
    • Republican Staff
    • Insurance and Banking
    • Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement
    • City and County Issues
    • K-12 Education & Higher Education
    • Transportation
    • Child Welfare & Public Welfare Programs
    • Democrat Leadership Staff

*For a full description of the intern duties in your area of interest, click on the appropriate link below:
Arizona Governor's Office
Arizona Legislature
Arizona State Supreme Court (azcourts.gov)
Legislative Broadcast Internship

Who is Eligible?

A student who is a candidate for a bachelor or master's degree at one of the Arizona universities. Bachelor degree candidates must be in progress of completing a minimum of 75 credit hours by the end of the fall semester, with a 3.0 gpa and be in good academic standing. Master's degree candidates must have a 3.0 gpa and be in good academic standing to apply. Students from all academic disciplines are eligible and encouraged to apply.

*Additionally, there is a specialized Broadcast Internship for Electronic Media majors. Please contact Dale Hoskins (Dale.Hoskins@nau.edu) for further details on this particular internship, 928-523-6924.

General Information

Period of internship is four months (spring semester), consisting of full-time positions (Monday-Friday, 40hrs/week).

Intern will receive: A stipend of $4,200 will be paid in bi-weekly checks, 12 units of upper division undergraduate credit, as XXX466, or 9 units of graduate credit, as XXX566,(grading will be PASS/FAIL), and tuition and registration fees will be waived.

Transportation and housing are the responsibility of each intern.

Students moving from schools outside Maricopa County may be eligible for up to $500 for relocation expenses.

Interns will have access to ASU's health, library and recreation services.

Selection Process

Turn in application by September 24, 2012, 4 p.m.

Interview on campus with faculty and legislative representatives.

Interviewees are screened.

Top candidates are referred to the legislature for a second interview at the capitol.

Candidates will be notified by the legislature by Dec. 3, 2012.

Selected interns proceed with having credits approved by their advisor and returning documentation to Bldg. 22, room 328, for tuition waiver and rescheduling classes for Spring 2013.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to be a political science major?

No! Students from all majors and disciplines are encouraged to apply. Legislative Staff trains and supervises interns at all times.

2. How many interns are hired?

Approximately 55 interns are selected from the three State Univiersities to serve in the House, Senate, Governor's Office and Supreme Court.

3. Are there job opportunities?

Yes! Many former interns have succeeded in obtaining positions at various State agencies, with lobbying groups, law firms and the private sector. Several former interns are currently on permanent staff with the House of Representatives and the Senate and some have gone to various federal agencies in Washington, D.C.

Applications are Available

Online @
"Legislative Internship Application"


"Legislative BROADCAST Internship Application"

For GREAT information/assistance on resume writing, cover letters, mock interviews, interviewing tips and much more, visit the NAU Career Services website.

Submit completed application, two letters of recommendation, and statement of purpose for applying to:

Nicole Morrow
Coordinator, Sr.
NAU Box 4091
Flagstaff, AZ 86011
(928) 523-5291
(928) 523-1922 (fax)

OR drop off at the Peterson Hall, Bldg. (22), room 328.

September 24, 2012

Get Your Questions Answered

Contact Nicole.Morrow@nau.edu
with any questions.

Office of Curriculum, Learning Design, and Academic Assessment
PO Box 4091
Building 22/Room 323
Flagstaff, Arizona 86011
Phone: (928) 523-5291