Lesson Name: Arizona Regions Interactive Map
Rough Sketch of Layout
Description: This is a modeling/coaching module that consists of a map of Arizona with three buttons: plant, animal, and environment. Each button leads to a different distribution map – mouse overs on different parts of the map provide facts about each item. Include the Ruth Roessel traditional audio and/or video discussions on some of the plants.

The plateau region is locadted in the northern portion of Arizona.
The desert region is found in the southern portion of Arizona. The desert also covers a lot of the states western border, and the central portions of the state. The desert region is dry for much of the year, and is very different from the mountain and plateau region of the state. Learn more about the plants, animals and history of the region by clicking on the icons.
The mountain region is located in the central part of Arizona covering territory that stretches from the East to the West. Learn more about the plants, animals, and history of the region by clicking on the icons.
Learn more about the plants, animals, and history of this region by clicking on the various icons. (production team --don't actually type that -- be more specific to the layout, and design).

Links to: plant, animal, and landform maps
Links from: Virtual Vacation
Graphics: This graphic should be a map that clearly displays the three different regions of Arizona. There should also be three buttons to lead the viewer to the plant, animal, and landform maps.
Sound: "The State of Arizona, located in the southwest part of the United States has a very unique land structure compared to many other States. It is comprised of three major land regions: the plateaus, mountains, and desert regions. The variety of organisms that play a balancing act to survive in the three distinct landscapes is what makes this beautiful state so unique and interesting. Click on the different regions to learn more.
Video: N/A
Animation: I was hoping this main map would separate into four stacked maps: main, animal, plant, landforms and the navigation would be by clicking on each map.