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Laboratory 13.  Endocrine System  

 During this laboratory, you will study the human endocrine system. Primary emphasis will be placed on the various glands of the endocrine system, as well as the hormones produced by the respective glands.

As always, your photographic atlas, textbook, and the websites listed below are excellent resources to help you study this material.  

Key Words: 

(You should be able to define or explain these terms.)
amino acid based hormones thyroid stimulating hormone zona glomerulosa
steroid based hormones prolactin zona fasiculata
pituitary follicle stimulating hormone zona reticularis
thyroid luteinizing hormone mineralcorticoids
parathyroid oxytocin glucocorticoids
pineal antidiuretic hormone gonadocorticoids
adrenal thyroid chromaffic cells
thymus triiodothyronine epinephrine
pancreas thyroxine norepinephrine
gonads chief cells vasoconstriction
infundibulum parathyroid hormone acini
anterior pituitary adrenal cortex islets of langerhans
posterior pituitary adrenal medulla insulin
somatotropin (growth hormone) interstitial cells glucagon
ovary estrogen testes
  progesterone testosterone

Want to find out more about the endocrine system?
Visit these sites:


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