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Total Student Enrollment, Fall and Spring Semester  Arizona Resident Students by County of Origin and Gender
Annual Percentage Change in Total Student Enrollment, Fall Semester Students by State Origin and Gender
Flagstaff Campus and Statewide Academic Programs Studnet Enrollment, Fall Semester International Students by Country Origin and Gender
Undergraduate and Graduate Enrollment, Fall Semester Enrollment by Residency Fee Status
Course Enrollment By Instruction Level, Fall Semester Average Class Size by College and Level of Instruction
Sudents By Ethnic Group, Fall Semester Student Enrollment by College and Academic Level
Tribal Affiliations, Fall Semester Student Credit Hour Enrollment by Academic Level
Summer Enrollment Earned GPA by Academic Level
Number of New and Readmitted, and Continuing Students, Fall Semester Living Alumni Distribution
Average Student Age By Academic Level, Course Location, and Fall- and Part-time Status Degrees Awarded by Ethnic group and Gender
Degrees Awarded by College, Degree Program and Ethnicity

Planning and Institutional Research
Northern Arizona University
Last updated 09/06/06