Who can enroll?
Any student with an appropriate bachelorís degree may qualify. Contact a program coordinator for specific information.


When do classes begin?
The Teacher Certification classes are arranged in cohort programs. (In a cohort,all students move through the program together.There is no drop in/drop out registration.) The start dates for our Elementary cohorts vary by region.Secondary cohorts begin each Spring.


Where will the classes be held?
All classes will be held locally (Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma). No travel to the Flagstaff campus will be required.


Can I register at any time?

NAUís Fast Track Teacher Certification Programs are cohort programs. You will begin and finish taking courses with other students accepted to the program and youíll take the courses in a prescribed sequence. Jump-in registration is not permitted.


Can I transfer credit from other programs?

In most cases, transfer credit is not accepted.Contact your local program coordinator/faculty member for specifics.

What are the highlights of the program?

         Local Classes

         Accelerated Program

         Convenient Combination of Traditional and Web Courses

         Meaningful Learning Experiences

         Supervised Field Experiences with One-On-One Feedback for Teaching Strategies and Methods

         12+ Credit Hours Towards a Masterís Degree

         Outstanding NAU Reputation

Be the teacher you always wished you had!