Artwork by Dalton Buddy James

“Since the emergence, Hopis refer to this life as the fourth way. As the Hopi moved from the third to the fourth way of life, they were offered corn by Ma’saw. The other peoples took the largest ears of corn and Hopis were left with the short blue ear. Each clan history explains how the Hopi received the short blue ear. The Hopis knew that their fourth way of life would be difficult and that they must submit to the corn as a way of life.

The themes of humility, cooperation, respect, and universal earth stewardship became the way of life for all Hopis. In this way, the Hopi have always had corn and agriculture.

Agricultural activities serve to reinforce traditions and customs in each new generation, for as one Hopi gardener said, ‘This is not about growing vegetables; it is about growing kids.’”

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