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Advantage Reports:
  • Public & Private Advantage reports are available from the Advantage Web Site.
  • Comptroller Office staff members are available to assist departments in developing ad hoc reports out of Advantage using Crystal Reports or MS Access.

PeopleSoft Business Object (BO) Reports:

With the Assistance of the Information Resource Management (IRM) department, several "Student Financial" BO reports have been developed, and are now available through IRM Corporate Documents (click "here" for BO access).  Please feel free to save the reports to your local computer or network, and modify them as necessary. If you have any questions regarding the reports, you can contact the person that built the report (shown on the "Documentation" report tab). Please note that some of the reports will display a warning message that says "This query will create a Cartesian product, Do you want to continue". Click yes, as this is a false warning (Business Objects bug).

Click "here" to access Corporate Documents through the IRM Info View web site.  To access the reports from within Business Objects, click the "File" menu item, then "Retrieve From" and "Corporate Documents".  Below is a list of reports currently available:

Department Charge Reports: - PeopleSoft student charges are posted using "Item Types".  Charges are posted through tuition calculation (e.g., tuition charges, class fees), group posting (e.g., housing charges), and manual student post (e.g., misc. department charges).  Student charges reside on the student account until the charge is paid, at which time the revenue is interfaced to Advantage.  See "Item Type Reports" to identify your department's charge item types.

Name Description
1) Dept_Charges.rep Report of charges posted, paid and balance due by item type description.
2) Department Charges with Advantage Interface Information.rep Same as 1, but with charges sent to Advantage by item type number.
3) Department Charges Due.rep Same as 1, but only for balances due, by item type number.
4) Aging Report by Item Type.rep Aging report of balances due.
5) Charge Reversals.rep Information regarding charge reversals, including operator, reason, and description.

Course & Class Fee Reports: - Instructional fees are charged as part of tuition calculation and remain on the student account until the fee is paid, at which time the revenue is recorded to Advantage.  Class fees recorded to Advantage will adjust automatically with drop/add activity through the end of each term/session refund period.   Most instructional fees are setup at the Course level.  Class fees are typically setup to override fees at the course level (e.g., to remove a fee for a distance learning class or redirect the revenue).  If course/class fees are not setup correctly, please contact the "Academic Information Office".

Name Description
6) Department Class Fees.rep Report of class fees paid (down to class level) by Agency Org
7) Class Fee Enroll Activity by AgencyOrg.rep Report of class fees charged, paid, and balance due (down to class section level) by Agency Org
8) Class Fee Enroll Activity by Subj Cat#.rep Same as 7, but by Subject and Catalog #.
9) Class_Fee_Setup.rep Report of class fee setup by Term and Subject/Catalog.  
10) Course_Fee_Setup.rep Report of course fee setup by Term and Subject/Catalog.  

Item Type Reports: - Item types (a 12 digit number) define how charges are recorded to student accounts and how they are interfaced to Advantage.  To setup new item types or make changes to your item types contact Karen Cooper in the Bursar's Office.

Name Description
11) Item Type Setup.rep Listing of item types by Agency Org.


Reconciling Paid Charges to Advantage:

Student charges are represented by Item Types in Peoplsoft (a 12 digit number). Item types have both GL debit and credit accounting fields attached to them. The following is a translation of PS to Advantage accounting fields:

PS  Advantage
Fund Cd Fund
Deptid Agency,Org
Account Revenue Source, Sub Rev Srce orObj Code, Sub Obj Cd , or Balance Sheet Account

Currently, student fee activity occurring during the weekend (web payments, enrollment activity) does not get interfaced to Advantage until Monday night. As a result, between Saturday and Tuesday, you may notice differences between paid fees in PS and what is in Advantage.


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