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Some of the forms on this page are in Acrobat Reader (PDF) format.  To download Acrobat Reader, Click FREE Acrobat Reader. In most cases the form can be filled out online and printed.

Misc. Forms 

Check Stop/Void Request Moving Expense
Proof of Payment Independent Contractor Certification (substitute W-9)
Non-Employee Travel

Deposit Forms

Instructions, Please read prior to filling out your Deposit Form!

  • The forms below are to be used for University deposits in accordance with policy CMP307: Departmental Cash and Check Receipting.  Please refer to this policy for questions regarding check endorsements, deposit locations, etc..
  • The "Travel (TA) Reimbursement" form is to be used for return of outstanding travel advances on open TA documents.
Deposit Transmittal
MS Excel
Travel (TA) Reimbursement
 (MS Excel)

Transfer Forms

Instructions, Please read prior to filling out your transfer form!

  • Transfers involving grant accounts should be sent to Sponsored Project Accounting regardless of amount (box 4070).
  • If the amount to be transferred is over $5,000 and does not involve grant accounts, the transfer needs to be routed to the Budget Office (Box 4118). The Budget Office will forward the form to the Comptroller's Office.
  • Please use the appropriate form for each transfer situation. For example, Payroll Transfers must be submitted on the Payroll Form.
  • Please submit the original transfer form AND a copy of your transfer.

Non-Grant Accounts

Payroll Transfer Form Transfer Funds <$5,000
Transfer Funds >$5,000

Grant Accounts

Payroll Transfer Form Non-Payroll Transfer Form

Petty Cash Forms

Petty Cash Voucher Petty Cash Expenditure Summary
Request to Establish a Petty Cash or Change Fund

Sponsored Projects Forms

Click Here
to go to Sponsored Projects forms web page

Travel Forms

Please refer to NAU Travel Policies & Procedures when using the following travel forms
Expense Summary
(Exhibit J Form)
Exception to Policy Signer - Authorization Form
Multiple Representation
(Out of State Request Form)
Travel Annual Certification
Travel Mileage Log (Word)

Travel Mileage Log (Excel)

Travel Worksheet
Vehicle Rental Justification form Non-Employee Travel
Student Team/Group List Group Meal Money Form
Academic Institutional Excuse Form
(for students required to miss class)

Accounts Payable forms

Payment Voucher Request Food Purchase
Account Payable Web Site

New Account Request Form (Budget Office)

Advantage 3

Account Request - (Word Doc)  
Budget Office Web Site



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