Comptroller's Office
 Policies and Procedures Manual

Effective: 01/01/2000
Revised: 05/17/2013 

CMP 101: Comptroller's Office Mission and Organization

In support of the mission of the Vice President for Finance and Administration and Northern Arizona University, the Comptroller's Office serves the university community by timely processing financial transactions and providing accounting, financial management reporting, and treasury management services. The Comptroller's Office mission statements are:

To provide superior service to students, faculty, staff departmental units, external agencies and the public in the diverse programs and functions supported by the Comptroller area.

To maintain an effective, efficient and all-inclusive financial management system in compliance with applicable regulations and professional standards.

To provide friendly service with optimal efficiency, teamwork and cooperation.

To effectively use technology to achieve full-service operations in the Comptroller area.

To function with optimal efficiency, teamwork and cooperation, to department staff and sponsoring agencies.

To expand the creativity and professional growth of the staff.

The Comptroller's Office consists of the following areas: Financial Accounting Services, Student and Departmental Account Services (Student Accounts), Post Award Accounting Services and Fiscal Compliance (PAASFC), Accounts Payable, Travel, Contracting and Purchasing Services, Postal Services, Compliance, Controls & Business Services and the Treasury Function.

A complete office directory of the Comptroller's Office is now available on the Comptroller's Office Web site. This guide identifies staff in each area and provides phone numbers. 

The following gives an abbreviated description of each area in the Comptroller's Office:

Financial Accounting Services

Financial Accounting Services is responsible for university-wide financial accounting and reporting. This area also oversees general accounting (state, local, and agency funds), external financial reporting , reconciliation of the university's bank accounts, endowment accounting, and the recording of payroll and related expenses into the accounting system. This area also provides accounting services and analysis for plant fund and debt service accounts

Student and Departmental Accounts Services (Student Accounts)

Student Accounts is responsible for collecting and processing all University monies including student fee payments, AR charges and departmental charges.

Post Award Accounting Services and Fiscal Compliance (PAASFC)

Post Award Accounting Services and Fiscal Compliance provides service, fiscal control, preparation of financial reports and monitoring of accounting records for all grants, contracts, and restricted funds. 

Treasury Services

Treasury Services performs various treasury-related responsibilities, including cash management and the maintaining and monitoring of university investments.


Compliance, Controls & Business Services 

Compliance performs post audits of travel, procurement card and payroll transactions.  

Accounts Payable 

Accounts Payable processes


The travel function

Contracting and Purchasing Services

The basic objectives of  Contracting and Purchasing Services is to identify, select, and acquire needed materials and services in a timely manner, as economically as possible within acceptable quality and service standards, and in accordance with regulations and authority established by the governing body.

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