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 Policies and Procedures Manual

Effective: 01/01/2000
Revised: 02/22/2012 

CMP 102 02: Budget Activity and Expenditure Detail Reports


To list the reports available for budget management at NAU.


ITS/Comptroller's Office/University Policy


The use of financial reports are vital tools for every NAU Business Manager. Financial reports are available to departments through Enterprise Reporting . Business Managers and other users of financial data should review budget reports at least monthly in order to get the status of their fiscal year budgets.  Until historical data can be migrated to the Data Warehouse, financial reports prior to FY 2007 will be available via the Advantage web site (see links below).


Adv3 Report


Web Address

Payroll Register (Payroll folder) Shows current payroll gross amount paid for each employee. From Peoplesoft Payroll data

 Enterprise Reporting

Payroll Data (Payroll folder) Payroll expense information from Advantage after interface from Peoplesoft.  Includes manual payroll adjustments

 Enterprise Reporting

Status of Funds (Budget folder) Daily Summarized expenditures and encumbrances compared to budget.  Separate reports developed for state and local funds.

 Enterprise Reporting

Open Encumbrance Report (Purchasing folder) Displays outstanding open encumbrances. Report tabs include: Summarized, All Open Encumbrances, Monthly Detail, PD and PO, RQS, TA, and Raw Data.

Enterprise Reporting


Transaction Summary Report (General Accounting folder) Displays transaction summary for the selected Department Unit(s). Report tabs include Summary, Summary by Sub-Unit, Budget Snapshot and Raw Data.

Enterprise Reporting


Transaction Detail (General Accounting folder) Displays transaction detail for the selected Department Unit(s). Report tabs include Transaction Detail-Expenses, Expenses by Record Date, Expenses by Month, Transaction Detail-Revenue, Revenue by Record Date, and Raw Data.  Enterprise Reporting
Grant Reports (Grant folder) Various transaction detail and summary reports for grant accounts Enterprise Reporting



For information relating to appropriation budget changes, see CMP 102-01, Appropriation Budget Changes.


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