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Effective: 01/01/2000
Revised: 02/21/2012 

CMP 102 04: Document Identifiers - Peoplesoft Student Financials


To list the various document codes interfaced from NAU's Peoplesoft Student Financial System


Comptroller's Office


The following information is intended to assist users of Advantage Financial System reports in identifying transactions from the Peoplesoft Student Financial System.

 Document Identifiers

Peoplesoft Student Information System:

Peoplesoft Student Financial System (PS) transactions are interfaced to Advantage on a nightly basis (Monday through Friday). Activity occurring over the weekend interface to Advantage on Monday night. Several types of Advantage documents are generated from the from PS interface, CR documents for cashiering transactions, JVA documents for account receivable transactions, MD documents for refunds, and DC documents for refund cancellations. 


CR (cash receipt) transactions from PS are assigned a transaction number from the PS cashier receipt number. The CR is composed of the Year( 2 digits), and Transaction Type (2 digits), and PS receipt number for a total length of 14 digits. There are five Transaction Types. They are ‘SP’ for Student Payments, ‘DR’ for Departmental Receipts, ‘TR’ for Travel, ‘CA’ for Cash Check, and ‘CP’ for Corp Payments. Student id numbers are carried over to the Vendor Customer Code field in Advantage for student payment transactions. For Departmental deposits,"DEPART/DPT" is the name with a vendor code of Z0001001.

Type Doc Doc # Composition Example
Student Payment CR Year & ‘SP’ & Receipt Number 07SP0000154900
Department Receipt CR Year & ‘DR’ & Receipt Number 07DR0000154900
Travel CR Year & ‘TR’ & Receipt Number 07TR0000154900
Cash Check CR Year & ‘CA’ & Receipt Number 07CA0000154900
Corp Payment CR Year & ‘CP’ & Receipt Number 07CP0000154900

Accounts Receivable:

PS accounts receivables charges typically do not interface to Advantage until the charge is satisfied through 1 of several sources, including: cashier payments, waivers, financial aid disbursements, pay plans (NAU or 3rd Party). Satisfied charges are interfaced to Advantage documents with a transaction number starting with the Year( 2 digits), and Transaction Type (2-3 digits) and then sequential or document number all totaling 14 digits. The Transaction Type ‘SR’ for Student Check Refund as a MD document, ‘CR’ for Corp Refund as a JVA and GAX documents, ‘JV’ for Student summary transactions on a JVA document, ‘ADV’ on a Direct Deposit JVA document, ‘VDD’ on a void Direct Deposit JVA document, ‘VCC on a Credit Card Void JVA document, and ‘CRV’ on a Corp Refund Void JVA document.

Type Doc Doc # Composition Example
Corp Refund JVA Year & ‘CR’ Refund Number 07CR0060211990
Corp Refund GAX Year & ‘CR’ Refund Number 07CR0060211990
Student JVA JVA Year & ‘JV’ Sequential Number 07JV2090000213
Direct Deposit JVA Year & ‘ADV’ Advice Number 07ADV007036768
Direct Dep Void JVA Year & ‘VDD’ Advice Number 07VDD007036710
Credit Card Void JVA Year & ‘VCC’ Refund Number 07VCC000123456
Corp Refund Void JVA Year & ‘CRV’ Refund Number 07CRV006021990

Refunds to students through PS are interfaced to Advantage with an MD document. The Year, ‘SR’ transaction type, and PS check numbers as the transaction number (e.g., "07SR0006021990"). MD Voids are a ‘DC’ document with the ‘SRV’ transaction type and the check number.

PS Student Financial Reports:

Please refer to Accounting Reports for information on available PS Business Object reports.


Budget Activity and Expenditure Reports CMP 102-02.

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