Comptroller's Office
 Policies and Procedures Manual

Effective: 10/01/1989
Revised: 05/17/2013 

CMP 117: Personal Use of University Resources


To inform the University Community of the restrictions on the use of university resources for personal use and to describe the process by which NAU employees, who have committed any university resources for personal use, must follow to reimburse NAU.


University policy


NAU employees may not use university equipment, property or resources for personal benefit. Examples include personal use of University vehicles, buildings equipment, computers, copiers, printers, telephones, cellular phones, the Purchasing Card, and ordering merchandise via the university procurement system. 

On occasion, some departments have allowed personal use of telephones or copiers with later reimbursement by the employee. This is not allowed. In the rare event (e.g. death in family, family medical emergency) where a long-distance phone call is inadvertently made on a university phone, the cost of the call is to be immediately reimbursed to the account to which the call will be charged. This will be a very rare, perhaps once in a career, occurrence due to the availability of telephone calling cards, collect calls and coin-operated copiers."

Each Department Manager is responsible for monitoring these expenditures on monthly department reports and for establishing a procedure within his or her area of responsibility to ensure compliance with this policy on the personal use of university resources. Each Department Manager or designee should at least review the monthly listing of telephone charges for toll charges incurred from possible personal telephone usage. Department Managers should also consider establishing and maintaining within their offices a telephone log of all long-distance calls, recording the organization/person called and the date of the call.

If NAU employees need to make personal toll telephone calls while at work, the employee should either charge the call to:

  1. their own telephone credit card or
  2. their home phone number.

NAU employees should not use university equipment and property for photocopying or other services. These services should be obtained either from coin-operated machines located on the campus or from an off-campus vendor.


For more information on the responsibilities of an Department Manager, see CMP 203, Department Manager Responsibilities.

For more information on the approved uses of university property, see the Property Control Policies and Procedures manual.

For more information on telephone logs and record retention see CMP 103, Departmental Record Keeping.

For more information on the University cell phone policy see NAU mobile phone policy

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