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 Policies and Procedures Manual

Effective: 01/01/2000
Revised: 02/21/2012 

CMP 204 03: Revocation of Advantage User IDs


To discuss the procedures for revocation of Advantage User Id's


University policy


Each regular workday the User Termination Exception Report (DBA986) is generated by Human Resources and delivered to Information Technology Services. The report lists the employee ID number, name, and status of employees who have terminated employment with the university. The report is used by personnel in Information Technology Services to revoke the user ID from all University computing systems and applications including access to the University Financial System (Advantage 2.0).

When an employee transfers from one NAU unit to another, it is the responsibility of the department to complete and resubmit the proper Advantage Security documents to add/remove or delete the employees user id and access to systems in accordance with CMP Policy 204-02.

The Security Administrator generates reports to periodically verify all current user access.


For related information, see CMP 204 01, Additions/Changes/Deletions in Unit Managers/Authorized Signers and CMP 204-02, Additions/Changes/Deletions in Advantage User IDs.


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