Comptroller's Office
 Policies and Procedures Manual

Effective: 01/01/2000
Revised: 02/21/2012 

CMP 204-04: Additions/Deletions of Authorized Dept/Unit Signers


To discuss the procedure for adding/deleting authorized signers for an Dept/Unit.


University policy


University departments establish authorized signers for Dept/Units by completing the appropriate sections on the Signature Authorization (SIGA) Form. The completed SIGA form should be forwarded to  the appropriate SIGA contact listed below.


Area Contact Representative
Office of the President and Executive VP
Karen Leuppe, Box 4092
Universal Central Administration Bjorn Flugstad, Box 4118
Vice President for Research Melody Bowling, Box 4087
Office of the Provost
Wendy Nelson, Box 4120
Finance and Administration
Dug Tryon, Box 4088
Enrollment Management Jane Kuhn, Box 4119
Advancement Jack Hesketh, Box 4086
Information Technology Services Disiree Schilke, Box 5100
Extended Programs and Distance Learning Dena Servis, Box 4117
Planning Budget and Institutional Effectiveness Bjorn Flugstad, Box 4118
Prop 301 Various
Kevin Johnson, Box 4070



Obtain a SIGA form and instructions by downloading from the Advantage web page, and complete the appropriate sections for addition or deletions. Per the instructions on the form, obtain the signature of an authorized Dept/Unit manager. Submit the SIGA form to the representative listed above according to your area for approval. The information will then be used to update the appropriate tables in the Advantage System and the web based system.


For related information, see CMP 202, Establishment of Dept/Units.


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