Comptroller's Office
 Policies and Procedures Manual

Effective: 01/01/2000
Revised: 02/22/2012 

CMP 210: Business Manager Responsibilities


To describe business manager responsibilities for reviewing financial reports


University policy


Business managers and others performing business manager functions


Monthly Budget Reports

Business managers must review the monthly reports for their areas, including lower-level operating units. The monthly reviews typically should be done within 30 days of the report preparation date (in the upper left-hand corner of the report). Business managers should:

  1. use the procedures provided below in their review of the monthly reports


  2. develop their own written procedures for identifying significant financial variations

Unit Manager Responsibilities

In addition to reviewing the monthly reports, business managers must also fulfill any Unit Manager responsibilities assigned to them, e.g., reviewing the monthly reports for Dept/Units of their direct supervisor.

Departments must notify the Payroll/HR department of the amount of a fringe benefit or anything of value, including non-cash awards, provided to employees in their unit.  These awards (gift cards, tickets, meal plans, etc.) are generally considered taxable income and must be reported on their W-2.   Awards or recognition items of value that are at a very low dollar amount per employee and are very infrequent or occasional will generally be considered de minimus, and not considered taxable.  Please contact Payroll to discuss.  The IRS does not provide a specific dollar amount that is considered de minimus, therefore, the Payroll/HR department will determine whether or not the item/award must be added to taxable income. 


Upon request, the Comptroller's Office provides assistance to business managers on the accounting data reflected on the monthly reports and on accounting techniques useful to business managers.


Payroll Verification

Business Managers should also verify payroll data prior to each pay day using the Payroll Register report. The Payroll Register report is available at Enterprise Reporting;  a Jan account and password are required. The reports are available the Wednesday of each payroll week prior to the actual payday.  The reports should be checked for the following:

Pay amount

Correct Department (Dept/Unit)

Employee status: 

        Is this individual still employed by the University? 

        Has the employee transferred to another NAU department?

        Is the payee a temporary employee who is no longer being utilized?

        Is the payee a part-time (adjunct) faculty who is no longer teaching?


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