Comptroller's Office
 Policies and Procedures Manual

Effective: 01/01/2000
Revised: 02/21/2012 

CMP 211: Sponsored Project Dept/Units


To describe sponsored project Dept/Units


University policy


Sponsored project Dept/Units are established by the Office of Grant and Contract Services. They will prepare an activation notice which will be submitted to the Sponsored Projects Services Office to be loaded into the Advantage System.

A sponsored project is a project supported by an external funding source under a mutually binding agreement that restricts the use of funds to the approved project and stipulates other conditions with which the university must comply. Sponsored projects typically:

  1. are initiated by a formal proposal and award notice
  2. are restricted to a particular purpose as described in the proposal
  3. require technical and/or financial reports


  4. entail other administrative requirements.

In some situations it may not be clear if a new Dept/Unit is a sponsored project. The presence of one or more of the following conditions indicates that an Dept/Unit might be a sponsored project:

  1. provides funding for limited duration
  2. specifies use of funds
  3. indicates need for accounting or financial reporting
  4. involves human subjects, animal models, hazardous materials
  5. restricts the use of funds
  6. may require the return of residual funds
  7. involves intellectual property issues
  8. involves commitment of university personnel or resources
  9. obligates the institution to perform
  10. requires billing to receive funds
  11. has audit and/or record retention requirements
  12. requires a technical report on program outcomes
  13. provides equipment
  14. requires a formal document with signatures of the parties


  15. involves federal, state, or other “public” funds.

For Dept/Units with one or more of the foregoing conditions, please contact the Office of Grants and Contract Services  for a determination about whether the funds should be accounted for in a sponsored project Dept/Unit.


For information on Dept/Unit structures, see CMP 201, Dept/Unit and Coding Structures.

For information on establishing an Dept/Unit, other than for a sponsored project, see CMP 202, Establishment of Dept/Units.

For information on establishing a sponsored project Dept/Unit, contact the Office of Grants and Contracts Services.


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