Comptroller's Office
 Policies and Procedures Manual

Effective: 03/22/2000
Revised: 02/22/2012 

CMP 214 : Rental of NAU Facilities


To define a policy for use and rental of NAU facilities for non-university use.


Arizona Board of Regents Policies 7-202 and 7-209

University policy


The University may allow the use of its facilities by the external community pursuant to Arizona Board of Regents policies 7-202 and 7-209.


All University Dept/Units, both on campus and off campus (statewide) sites.

NAU Building Managers

Contract Authorization

Only authorized NAU personnel may sign contracts on behalf of the university. This includes contracts for the purpose of securing NAU events and the rental/use of NAU buildings and other facilities. The Board of Regents authorizes the University President to:

1. Execute contracts and other written instruments on behalf of the Arizona Board of Regents.

2. Delegate signature authority to other University staff members for limited purposes. Please contact Purchasing Services for a list of authorized signers.

Facility Managers

Phone Number
Cline Library
Bahe Katenay
(928) 523-6929
University Union
Pete Yanka
(928) 523-3989
Prochnow Auditorium
Rachel Cole
(928) 523-5694
Sky Dome 
Dave Brown
(928) 523-3440
Rolle Activity Center
Dave Brown
(928) 523-3440
du Bois Center
Louise Brown
(928) 523-1246 
Robert Elliott
(928) 523-4632
Ardrey Auditorium
Robert Elliott
(928) 523-4632
Clifford White
Mike Jones
(928) 523-5935
Black Box Theatre
Mike Jones
(928) 523-5935



The rental rates for use of the university facilities and properties by off-campus organizations shall be approved by the University president. Rental rates should reflect considerations of the fair market value rates charged by comparable facilities, actual expenses incurred in providing the space and inflation. Actual expenses should consider the following:

operations (utilities, insurance, custodial)


deferred maintenance


CMP 213 Establishment of Sale and Resale Activities

CMP 306 NAU Event Ticketing

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