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 Policies and Procedures Manual

Effective: 03/14/2000
Revised: 09/25/2013 

CMP 305: Jury Duty Reimbursement


University Policy, NAU  Personnel Policy 4.08 -  Leaves


An employee called upon for service as a jury member or as a material witness, unless related to the employee's business or personal matters, must be granted leave sufficient to provide the subject service. Any employee who receives a fee as a juror in accordance with A.R.S. 12-303 shall either remit such fee to the institution or have an equal amount deducted from his/her pay. Reimbursements for travel expenses may be retained by the employee. NAU Personnel Policy 4.08.


NAU employees who have received reimbursement for jury duty service while on jury duty leave from the University, shall deposit the reimbursement to the Student and Departmental Account Services (Student Accounts) at the cashier window in the Gammage building. Employees should not remit to the university any reimbursement received for travel related to the jury service.

Jury Duty
Amount Reimbursed
Amount to Deposit At NAU Fee Payment Services
Flagstaff Municipal Court
$15.00 per day (includes $3.00 for mileage)
Superior Court
$12.00 per day (plus 30 cents per mile)
Federal Court (Prescott)
$40.00 per day plus mileage and accommodations 

Jury duty reimbursement will be deposited to the following Peoplesoft Financials account:

Dept: 1700020
Fund: A100
Program: S001
Account: 555500

Additional Information

For additional information on NAU jury duty policy, please contact the NAU Human Resources Office.

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