Comptroller's Office
 Policies and Procedures Manual

Effective: 11/23/1993
Revised:       07/21/2009 

CMP 306: NAU Event Ticket Sales


To set minimum standards for ticketing events held at NAU facilities. This policy does not address use of NAU facilities where there are no fees charged. See CMP 214 for the policy regarding rental of NAU facilities.


University policy


NOTE: This policy shall not conflict with the NAU and the exclusive agreement with Ticketmaster.

NAU Events

Not covered in this policy are events to which no admission is charged, conferences, workshops and seminars such as those conducted by Employee Development. The applicability of this policy to other events will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Contract Authorization

Only authorized NAU personnel may sign contracts on behalf of the university. This includes contracts for the purpose of securing NAU events and the rental/use of NAU buildings and other facilities. The Board of Regents authorizes the University President to:

1. Execute contracts and other written instruments on behalf of the Arizona Board of Regents.

2. Delegate signature authority to other University staff members for limited purposes. Please contact Contracting and Purchasing Services for a list of authorized signers.

Facility Managers

Phone Number
Cline Library
Craig Hoffman
(928) 523-6929
University Union
Pete Yanka
(928) 523-3989
Prochnow Auditorium
Pete Yanka
(928) 523-3989
Sky Dome 
Dave Brown
(928) 523-3440
Rolle Activity Center
Dave Brown
(928) 523-3440
du Bois Center
Louise Brown
(928) 523-1246 
Kathy Battali
(928) 523-4120
Audrey Auditorium
Kathy Battali
(928) 523-4120
Clifford White
Kathy Battali
(928) 523-4120
Black Box Theatre
Kathy Battali
(928) 523-4120




  1. The NAU CENTRAL TICKET OFFICE (CTO),  must be contracted to issue tickets for events covered by this policy. The CTO system includes the following features to provide control over revenue from event ticket sales: pre-numbered tickets; an audit trail in the form of a daily, detailed journal report; an "event audit" showing the number of tickets sold at what price and the total revenue from the event; and daily intact deposit of ticket sales proceeds.
  2. Release of "sold seats" is prohibited without the express consent of the ticketholder in compliance with university venue capacities per the NAU Fire Marshal FLS Fire Protection Manual. Consignment sales are generally prohibited. Exceptions are approved at the sole discretion of the CTO Manager.
  3. Ticket sales in advance of  the event will be administered through the CTO located in the  University Union. Ticket Sales at the door of the event will be administered by the CTO staff.
  4. Security over gate sales proceeds: A drop safe is installed at all permanent Box Office locations and is marked "EMPLOYEES CANNOT OPEN SAFE" for the safety of the employees. Security for the Box Office may be required for some events. It is the responsibility of the event sponsor to contract and pay for security personnel. A list of approved security personnel will be provided by the Box Office Manager.
  5. The CTO Manager will be responsible for implementing the policy related to event ticket sales on campus. NAU employees who are planning an event must contact CTO Manager as far as possible in advance of the event, and at least 5 days in advance of when ticket sales are to begin.
  6. Sales and proceeds from event ticket sales will be deposited to a separate sub-code within the CTO account at Student and Departmental Account Services (Student Services) in the Gammage Building. Within 7 days after receipt of the signed event reconciliation, CTO will transfer the proceeds from the event to the sponsor. Proceeds from ticket sales cannot be transferred to sponsors prior to completion of the event due to the possibility that the event may be cancelled, in which case patrons will look to CTO for their refund.
  7. Events are subject to per ticket charges including but not limited to: CTO service fee, transaction fee, set-up and labor fee. Fees reflect considerations of the fair market value charged by comparable ticketing services, actual expenses incurred in providing the services and inflation. Fees subject to change at any time.
  8. Advertisement of any event should not take place until a contract with CTO has been executed.

    Cross Reference

    Central Ticket Office

    CMP 308-19, Revenue Coding - Ticket Sales.

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