Comptroller's Office
 Policies and Procedures Manual

Effective: 01/01/2000
Revised: 03/01/2012 

CMP 308-28: Payroll Expense Transfers


To define the procedure for transferring payroll expenses in the Advantage Financial System


University Policy


In the previous version of the university payroll system, corrections to payroll expenses were made within the PeopleSoft 5.12 system. With the implementation of the new payroll system, it is now necessary to make corrections directly to the University financial system, Advantage. The Payroll Expense Transfer Form is designed to make those correction transfers. The form is to be used only to transfer salary/wage and ERE expenditures between Dept/Units when a retroactive correction is necessary. Expenses that have already been posted to Advantage will be corrected with this form. Any changes to future payroll expense distributions will be processed through the Budget Office using the ePAR process..


Obtain a Payroll Expense form. This form can be obtained here.

1) Fill in the header information (date, box number and phone number)

2) Fill in the pay period for which you are transferring the funds. You may transfer for multiple pay periods in one transaction. Fill in the pay period end date OR the beginning and ending date for the periods you want to transfer.

3) Fill in the information on the accounting lines for each Dept/Unit that you wish to debit. This includes the Dept/Unit, the total amount to transfer and the Employee ID of the person for whom you are transferring expenses. Salary and ERE should be entered in separate lines. There is a list of the relevant payroll object codes at the bottom of this form.

4) Enter the same information in item (3) for the Dept/Unit that you wish to credit.

5) Obtain the Orgn Manager(s) signature on the form.

6) Enter the Purpose for the transfer.

7) Forward the form to Financial Accounting Services Box 4080 for verification and input into the Advantage System. If you are transferring expenses related to a grant, forward the completed form to Sponsored Projects at Box 4070.

 Payroll Object Codes that will interface to the Advantage System from PeopleSoft:

Object - Sub Object
7110 10
PS Salaries - Benefit Eligible
7120 10
PS Wages Non-Benefit Eligible
 7130 10
PS Student Wages
7140 10
PS Work Study
7150 10
PS Graduate Assistants
7260 10
PS ERE Adjustment-Flat Rate

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