Comptroller's Office
 Policies and Procedures Manual

Effective: 01/01/2000
Revised: 03/09/2012 

CMP 407: Interdepartmental Billings


To process internal purchase orders


University policy


An interdepartmental billing (IDB) is  used to procure goods and services from a university service department. A list of NAU service departments is listed in the table below.

Interdepartmental Service Units    

To simplify the process for obtaining low-dollar, high-volume goods and services from certain service departments, special forms unique to these service departments have been developed. The service departments using these special forms and the form titles are as follows:

Service Departments with Turnaround Forms
Service Department Name of Form
Campus Supply Campus Supply Order Process
Printing Services Letterhead/Business Cards/Envelopes, Publications
Transportation Service Center Vehicle Request Form
NAU Postal Services Postal Services Forms
Facility Services CAS Work Order Request
Telephone Services Move/Add/Change Form (MAC)

Service Department Billings

All service department charges should be billed to the requesting department within 30 days after the service has been completed, except at fiscal year end. At fiscal year end, the charges need to be billed by the cutoff date noted in CMP-105, Fiscal Year-end Closing. Billings that have not been processed into Advantage within 30 days after the service has been completed may be reversed at the discretion of the comptroller, if the late billings cause a financial hardship for the requesting department, upon written request by the end user for review by the comptroller.


For additional information regarding on-campus services and interdepartmental transactions see the Purchasing Services Policies and Procedures Manual.

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