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 Policies and Procedures Manual

Effective: 01/01/2000
Revised: 04/28/2013 

CMP 430-28: Payroll Expense Transfers


To define the procedure for transferring payroll expenses in the PeopleSoft system.


University Policy


Departments are responsible for ensuring that their employees are setup properly within the payroll system. This includes regular monitoring of payroll expenses and initiating employment transactions such as hiring, job or pay changes, and end of employment actions in a timely and accurate manner through the ePAR (electronic personnel action request) process. In situations where employment transactions are entered inaccurately or are not completed in a timely manner, departments may need to initiate payroll expense adjustments or transfers. These transfers should be rare. Repeated use is an indication that employment transactions are not being managed properly through the ePAR process.

The procedure below is to be used only to transfer salary/wage and ERE expenditures between PeopleSoft Departments and or Projects when a retroactive correction is necessary. Expenses that have already been posted to PeopleSoft Financials are to be corrected through this process. Any changes to future employment transactions should be initiated using the ePAR process as soon as they are known and can be future effective dated through the end of the fiscal year.

See additional guidance for payroll transfers involving grant projects at:


Once a department becomes aware of a payroll error (e.g., through regular payroll expense monitoring), the following actions should be taken:

1) Initiate the necessary employment transaction through the ePAR process.

2) Research and determine the corrections that need to be made to the department's payroll expenses using available payroll reports and internal employee records.

3) Initiate the payroll expense transfer through an Interdepartmental Payroll Expense Transfer (IPT) journal in PeopleSoft Financials. See IPT journal procedures at; Payroll Expense Transfer IPT Journals.


         Grant project payroll transfer guidelines :

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