Committees, Community outreach and service projects


To increase awareness of CSAC efforts among the NAU and Flagstaff communities (Specific goals to be determined by the committee)

  • Chair: Jessie Goodfellow
  • Susan Lauer
  • Sharon Chief-Yazzie
  • Alyssa Deaver


Increase staff involvement in CSAC to ensure a more diverse Council that is truly representative of the various areas of NAU where classified staff are working. (Specific goals to be determined by committee)

  • Chair: Tammy Jones
  • Renee Garcia
  • Shannan Rice
  • Debbie Shepard
  • Kinsey Cook
  • Felicia Harrison
  • Participants: Daniella Watson & Bobbi Ortega

Community Outreach

CSAC’s 11th Annual Clothing Drive

Staff Appreciation

The Staff Appreciation Committee is responsible for the Employee Appreciation Mixer, Peer Recognition Awards, Textbook Scholarships, and staff surveys.

Communication and Development

The Communication and Development Committee is responsible for CSAC publicity through website development, newsletters and fundraisers.

CSAC Representatives on NAU Committees

CSAC has members representing Classified Staff's interests on several NAU committees. Click above for a full list of representatives.


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