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Membership Application

CSAC was established in November 1991 to advise and make recommendations to administrators on existing and proposed policies, procedures, and programs which impact or are of interest to NAU classified staff employees.

In order to qualify as a CSAC member, a classified staff employee must have performed at minimum standards or better as an NAU employee for one (1) year. To qualify as a CSAC participant, a classified staff employee must have performed at minimum standards or better as an NAU employee for six (6) months.

Classified staff employees may either nominate themselves or they may nominate a classified staff colleague, but the nominee must sign the application form to confirm their agreement. The nominee’s supervisor must sign the form to support the employee’s desire to become active in CSAC, by permitting reasonable release time. The completed application form is then submitted to the employee’s respective vice president, associate provost, or provost for signature. The CSAC Executive Board reviews the nominations and presents their recommendation to President Haeger who determines all CSAC appointees.


  • Members of the Council shall be appointed by the University President and
    consist of up to thirty (30) benefit eligible classified staff employees. The Council
    members should be representative of all department units at Northern Arizona
  • Nominees for Appointment must be in good standing, i.e., neither on administrative leave
    nor with disciplinary action pending.
  • A concerted effort will be made to ensure diversity of staff employees.
  • Nominees for appointment as members must have performed at minimum standards or
    better as benefit eligible employees for a minimum of one consecutive year.
  • The Council shall invite all eligible members of the classified staff to apply or to
    nominate colleagues for membership.
  • Nominations can be made by any University employee with the concurrence of the
    nominee. Self-nominations are acceptable.
  • Nominations shall be submitted through the chain of supervision to the appropriate Vice
    president or Provost. Nominations will be sent to Human Resources for review
    and they will forward their recommendation to the President.
  • Council members may serve two-year terms, beginning at the start of their appointment.
    Members shall serve no more than two consecutive terms. An application for the
    second term will be available on our website and will need the approval of the
    member’s current supervisor. Former Council members are not eligible for
    reappointment until at least one year has elapsed between appointments.
  • Should a vacancy occur, the Executive Board will recommend an appointment to the
    University President from the current list of qualified applicants to fill the
    remainder of the term. If members serve more than one-half of a term, they will
    be considered as having served full terms.
  • The Associate Vice President of Human Resources, or designee, and the Vice President
    for Finance and Administration, or designee, shall serve as ex-officio members.

Members’ Responsibilities

  • Members shall attend all general meetings, serve on one or more Northern Arizona
    University committee(s) annually, and participate in voting.
  • Members with two (2) consecutive absences or three (3) total absences during one year
    may be recalled as a member of CSAC and replaced, based on Executive Board
  • Members who cannot attend a meeting are responsible for notifying the Secretary or
    President in advance of the meeting.
  • Membership may be vacated by written resignation, addressed to the President of the
  • Each Council committee chair will be required to provide a committee annual report no
    later than June 1 to the President of the Council for inclusion in the CSAC Annual

If you have any questions or concerns regarding CSAC or the membership application process, contact Dee Dee Theiss, CSAC President, at 928-523-5547.


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Membership Application

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