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College ENV Scholarships:
The Virgil Masayesva Native American Environmental Education Scholarship Fund

Internship opportunities:
SSI Host - Summer Student Internship Host online application.

SSI - Summer Student Internship Program online application.
Alaska Indoor Air Quality:
Indoor air quality is a critical issue facing all environmental programs throughout Indian Country. However, with the extreme climate conditions in Alaska, students are more likely to spend the entire school day indoors.

Educational Services:
IAQ, EOP, WINS, AIMER, Water Education and Outreach, Air Quality Education, Communications, and Service Request information.

Request an Intern:
NEW - Water Resources Short Internship Program for Tribal Professionals.

Be a Mentor. Mentorship combines the impact of learning with the compelling human need for connection.

ITEP/EEOP trainigs to assist in the professional development and exchange of information for tribal staff in order to enhance the operations and performance outcomes of environmental management.

Welcome to EEOP:
We are part of the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) at Northern Arizona University. The purpose of the Environmental Education Outreach Program (EEOP) is to interest Native American students in environmental careers and to assist schools in improving environmental science literacy.

Learn more about EEOP »
Environmental Education Outreach Program
PO Box 5768 * Flagstaff, AZ 86011-5768
Phone: 928/523-1275 * Fax: 928/523-1280 * email: eeop@nau.edu

Last updated: December 22, 2011

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