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Mercury Case Study Resources:
Background information

To gain an understanding of the role of mercury as a pollutant in the environment, a number of resources are available, including the following two documents and the links provided on the Air Quality by Issue page.

USGS Summary This fact sheet describes the basic science behind mercury contamination in aquatic ecosystems.

Clear the Air This PDF file describes the relationship between mercury, power plants, and the fish we eat in a report by the Clean Air Task Force.
This is a PDF file, so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it. It's free!

A new 73-page document entitled "Mercury Rising" can be accessed from the Clear the Air project website.

You may find it helpful to do some general air quality activities with your students at the beginning of your investigations. Other suggested activities for asthma include Air Quality Word Search, (This is a PDF file, so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it. It's free!) Pyramid Game, and In a Polluted Cloud activity/demonstration.



Please help us improve our case studies and activities by asking your students to complete the feedback form after each activity. These may be printed and mailed to us at:
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A feedback form with space for 1 case study and 3 activities can be printed here. Feel free to send multiple copies if you use more than this number of cases and/or activities from these materials.




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