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Chapter 3: Arizona's Tribal Environmental Professionals
White Mountain Apache Tribe

White Mountain Apache Tribe
(520) 338-4346

Tribal Forestry Department: 1 Tribal Forester/Director
  3 Woodland Protection Officers
  1 Clerical Support
  2 Staff Foresters (10 additional seasonal)
Tribal Wildlife and Outdoor Recreation Division: 1 Director
  1 Sensitive Species Coordinator
  4 Fish and Wildlife Biologist
  3 Fish and Wildlife Technician
  3 Clerical Support
  12 Fish and Game Warden
  1 Outdoor Recreation Supervisor
  6 Recreation Facilities Maintenance (20 additional seasonal)
Environmental Planning Office: 1 Planner/Director
  1 Planner
  3 Environmental Specialist
  2 Environmental Technician
  1 Clerical Support
Water Shed Program: 1 Planner/Director
  2 Watershed Assistant
  4 Field Technician</td>
  1 Watershed Advisor (5 additional seasonal)
Hydrology and Water Resources Program: 1 Tribal Hydrologist/Director
  1 Hydrologist
  1 Hydrologist Assistant (6 additional seasonal)
Range Management Program: 1 Range Conservationist
  3 Range Technician
Tribal GIS Coordinator: 1  
Tribal Solid Waste Department: 1 Solid Waste Program Manager
  3 Landfill Operators
  6 Collection System Operators
  2 Clerical Support
Tribal Utility Authority: 2 Co-Manager
  12 Drinking Water System Operators and Waste Water System Operators
   5  Clerical Support
  93 Total

In addition to these jobs, The White Mountain Apache Tribal Agricultural Office will soon become operational, with the designation of the tribe’s Natural Resource Conservation District. The district will employ one District Conservationist; one Soil Conservationist; and one Clerk.



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