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Chapter 4, Section 3:
Transitional "Bridge" Program

Many colleges offer transitional summer programs that are designed to prepare you for your college career. Most students take these bridge programs the summer before beginning their first semester at college.

At the University of Arizona in Tucson, the New Start Summer Program is open only to ethnic students, including Native Americans, students receiving financial aid based on need, or students with disabilities. It offers a 7-week pre-college experience that relies on peer advisors to guide participants through academic and social activities that prepare students for their first semester at the university. The U of Aís College of Engineering and Mines has two summer programs that would benefit incoming freshmen, and they are described at the following site: www.engr.arizona.edu/outreach/index.htm. For a small fee ($100 or less), prospective engineering high schoolers can attend a 5-day Summer Engineering Academy.

Northern Arizona University has an office of Educational Support Programs that offers a number of bridge programs. The Undergraduate Admissions office of Orientation Transition and Recruitment Services has valuable links at www.nau.edu/otrs/. NAUís Nizhoni Academy, designed primarily for Native American students, is a 5-week experience in which students live in dormitories and take classes about college life and work. Nizhoni participants must be in the top third of their class or have a minimum 2.5 grade point average. The Upward Bound Program at NAU provides college preparatory services to the students of 75 regional high schools. Upward Bound mentors students for one year while they are still in high school and then offers a 5-week on-campus summer residential program. Upward Bound is designed for students from low-income households or from families where neither parent has a 4-year college degree. The Four-Corners Science and Mathematics Regional Center at Northern Arizona University serves 40 high school students each year in a 5-week ďintensive science and mathematics research experienceĒ that also includes career and academic counseling. Because of federal funding guidelines, the Four-Corners program admits only first-generation college students or those from families with low incomes. NAUís Educational Talent Search offers educational services to middle and high school students, dropouts and those who merely quit school for a while. Educational Talent Search provides counseling and mentoring, college preparation support and help in filling application and financial aid forms and tutoring and preparation for college entrance examinations. Native American students who choose engineering careers are eligible to participate in the Pathway Leading to Success (PALS) program, a preparatory summer session that is part of NAUís Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP). Native American Student Services at NAU, is a good source of information on transition programs and other, year-round counseling and support services.

Arizona State University has a number of pre-college programs. The ASU Summer Bridge Program accepts students who demonstrate a real need for the summer transition. The American Indian Summer Institute Bridge Program at ASU is a 3-day on-campus orientation that precedes the Summer Bridge Program. Arizona State Universityís Mathematics Departmentís Sums Institute mentors students with a strong aptitude in science and math from their sophomore to their senior year in high school, providing a bridge session the summer before admission to college. For students who declare engineering majors, the Minority Engineering Program offers a one-week bridge or transitional session for historically underrepresented minority students. The Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Bridge Program is a 3-day session for female students. High school students from inner city neighborhoods may enroll in ASUís Upward Bound Program that is designed to prepare the way for college. The Upward Bound experience may include a on-campus summer bridge session.



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