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Chapter 5, Section 3:
Scholarships Open to all Residents

The Air and Waste Management Association, Grand Canyon Section Scholarship aids and encourages students who plan to enter the field of air and waste management or a related environmental field. Applicants must enroll in a postsecondary environmental program in Arizona and have a B average or better.
Apply to:

Stephen Ochs, SA&B
3001 West Indian School Road, Suite 312
Phoenix, AZ 85017
Phone: (602) 263-0045

Arizona Postsecondary Voucher Program:
For community and other two-year college graduates in Arizona who wish to transfer to a private college to complete a four-year degree, the Arizona Postsecondary Voucher Program offers up to $1500 per year. The only private, four-year college in Arizona that offers degrees in environmental studies is Prescott College. The funds must be repaid if the student fails to complete the degree within three years of accepting the first Postsecondary Voucher. For details, see: www.azleg.state.az.us/legtext/42leg/2r/bills/hb2439p.htm

Scholarship Web Sites With Funds Available to All Applicants:



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