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Welcome to EEOP's Environmental Careers for Native Americans of Arizona

Mining on San Francisco Peaks In the year 2000, at the time this career manual is being introduced, the terrible mining excavations are ending on the San Francisco Peaks. These sacred mountains in northern Arizona have been a religious landmark to the Hopi, Dine', Apache, Ute, and Pai peoples for many centuries. Yet uncaring strangers blasted a deep, ugly scar across its face. They destroyed trees and tore a shocking chasm into the sacred mountain, not caring about its profound religious significance. Nature and cultures were alike violated.

Mining on San Francisco Peaks The tribes joined together and formed alliances with environmental experts and advocates. They prayed and chanted for a restoration of harmony on the mountain. Aside from traditional religious rites, politics and environmentalism were also employed to successfully evict the miners from the Peaks. Today we look forward to a process of healing and of restoration that will bring beauty back to the eastern slope of this ancient home of the clouds.
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The first edition of this manual will appear on this web site maintained by the Institute of Tribal Environmental Professionals at Northern Arizona University. This web edition is meant to encourage individuals and southwestern tribal groups to correct, add to, or comment upon its contents. This career guide is expected to improve with age, as we receive more suggestions and additions to make it more accurate, helpful and relevant to all its users.



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