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Student Summer Internship Host Information

Hosting a SSI Intern:
The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) at Northern Arizona University is seeking intern host sites for the Student Summer Internship (SSI) Program. Tribal environmental offices, EPA offices, and other tribal environmental organizations that are selected as host sites, will host a college student for eight weeks, during the months of June, July and August. As an intern host site you gain a dedicated college student who will complete a new or on-going project directly related to air quality or climate change, which will benefit the student, your agency, and the environment.

Undergraduate and graduate students interested in environmental or related careers (law, policy, management, engineering, science, etc.) will be submitting applications - due in February. The ITEP program provides each student intern with a $3,232 stipend, and with housing and travel allowances. The host site provides a work place and supervision for the intern. The ITEP staff work with the host site to identify qualified college student for the project outlined in the host site application. Based on the host site job description, the ITEP staff identifies two to three qualified college students, then the host site makes the final selection.

Application Process:
If you are interested in hosting a college student, please submit an online application. You may submit more than one application if you have multiple projects that you would like considered.

Apply by January 20, 2015.

SSI Host - Online Application:

   Apply online - Application is now CLOSED!

Sample Host site Proposals:
   Click HERE for sample site.

Project requirements:

  • Only US Citizens are eligible to participate in this program due to federal funding stipulations.
  • Projects must be oriented toward air quality or climate change and its environmental impacts.
  • Project that is beyond general secretarial/clerical support but feasible, relative to intern's qualifications and time requirements.
  • Project must have an identifiable supervisor/mentor that is on location and committed to the interns' professional development. The mentor will also need to provide the intern with orientation and guidance to the new area and culture.
  • Sufficient space, facilities and resources to support the project (designated work space, computer, phone, Internet access)
  • Project must contribute to on-going program of sponsoring organization.

Please submit an Application to Host a Summer Intern, outlining ALL of the following:

  • Type of project on which the student will be working, and how it relates to air quality or climate change
  • Specific activities in which the student will be involved (i.e. technical, field work, legislative, meetings, travel, policies, conferences).
  • Special skills required/desired for your project.
  • Names and titles of immediate supervisor and mentor(s).
  • Location of sponsoring office.
  • Local housing options and contact information.

Selection of the host sites is done by the ITEP staff based on the following criteria:

  • Project has a clear air quality focus.
  • Project has focus on working with tribes and supporting tribal issues.
  • There is a meaningful project with clear and relevant project goals.
  • Project application is clear and well written.
  • Project gives student experience that will develop marketable skills.
  • There is enough work outlined for the 8 weeks.
  • The project creates natural setting in which mentoring could occur.
  • Project has natural link to collaboration with ITEP/EEOP.


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Last updated: February 4, 2015

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