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Welcome to the EEOP Mentorship Program!

We are now recruiting Tribal Air Quality Professionals for both mentors and mentees (or protégée).
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What is mentorship?
The primary purpose of mentorship is learning and sharing. Mentorship is a reciprocal and collaborative learning relationship between a mentor and a mentee. Mentoring combines the impact of learning with the compelling human need for connection.

Why is EEOP creating a mentorship program?
Tribal Air Quality Professionals typically face many challenges. A mentorship program can provide a support network and opportunities for learning. Many tribal air quality staff learn on-the-job. An experienced tribal professional (mentor) can provide important information and connections for an inexperienced tribal professional (mentee).

What does a mentor do?
As a mentor you will establish a climate conducive to learning and involve the mentee in planning how and what they will learn. You can facilitate learning by asking questions and listening reflectively to your mentee's ideas. You can also help the mentee reflect on their own learning.

Why would you want to become a mentor?
There are many reasons for being a mentor. However, being a mentor takes time and energy. In return you will probably find that helping others is personally rewarding. You may find that a mentoring relationship also provides you an opportunity to further your own growth.

What does a mentee do?
As a mentee you need to ask for help and consider the advice and feedback offered by your mentor. You should keep an open mind and carefully consider all the advice given. As a mentee you will want to maintain a positive outlook and help your mentor maintain a good reputation.

If you are interested in participating in the EEOP Mentorship program, please download and compete the applications above. Send the application to


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Last updated: August 23, 2007