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"Students who attended these sessions took part in hands on activities and problem solving exercises dealing with issues in solid waste management, radiation and uranium mining, and water resource management. The students who attended not only participated in educational activities, but were also given the opportunity to experience campus life and use campus facilities. NAU student workers worked individually and in-group settings with students as mentors. Educators and chaperones that accompanied the students to Saturday Academy were supplied with environmental curriculum and activity guides to help them initiate continued environmental learning within their schools"
Mansel Nelson, Program Coordinator

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Shonto Preparatory School - Air Quality Session - September 27, 2003

Shonto 1 Link Shonto 2 Link Shonto 3 Link Shonto 4 Link Shonto 5 Link Shonto 6 Link

Jeddito Middle School - Mathematics & Careers Session - October 18, 2003

Jeddito 1 Link Jeddito 2 Link Jeddito 3 Link Jeddito 4 Link Jeddito 5 Link Jeddito 6 Link

Tuba City Junior High School - Radioactivity Theme - October 25, 2003

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