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Field Trip - Flagstaff Middle School Pond

At the Flagstaff Middle School pond, students get their first outdoors hands-on practice at water quality testing. The students were instructed to follow protocols set by the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE). GLOBE is an international network of scientists, educators and students conducting scientific research.

Within view of the San Francisco Peaks, students listened to hydrologist, Dr Aregai Tecle, speak about the importance of hydrology. Dr Tecle covered topics ranging from our dry southwestern climate, declining water supplies in underground aquifers and the need to be conscious of our own water use. He also addressed these topics to get students to think more about a college education and careers in hydrology. With a degree in hydrology students will be able to return their communities in order to address their environmental problems.

Dr. Tecle was very excited to be working with Summer Scholars because as a hydrologist, he is concerned about the future of our water resources.

“Here, it is the scientific method they are learning…to engross their interest in academics, that way they have something to aspire for,” Tecle said.

Students used this field trip to practice the water quality protocols: temperature, pH, conductivity, turbidity and dissolved oxygen (DO).

Flagstaff Middle School field trip

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