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Rio De Flag


On Site Wastewater

Oak Creek Canyon

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‘To’ bee iina’’ Water is life

Environmental Education for
Tribal Students

Learning Activities - Project Wet

Learning activities throughout the week were taken from the National Project WET curriculum. The activities helped students understand groundwater movement and wastewater treatment.

Ground water models are an effective tool for understanding flow of water underground. The Summer Scholars staff explained possible sources of pollution that are represented by food dyes and put a few drops into the model. Pumps allow students to simulate pumping water from a well. The food dye travels through the soil, displaying how simple it can be for ground water to be contaminated.

The Sparkling Water activity encourages students to think about wastewater treatment and how it might work. The Summer Scholars staff start with tap water, then add typical materials that might be found in wastewater. With limited time, materials, and budget, the students are charged with figuring out how to clean the simulated wastewater.

Landfill Tea - groundwater model

Project WET sessions

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