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***As a convenience for Summer Scholars, EEOP provides the following links. The content of the links is not maintained by ITEP or EEOP. EEOP maintains no responsibility for the information on the following link sites.***

Global Warming:

GLOBAL WARMING: Early Warning Signs:
Maps the effects of global warming through examples of environmental changes of animals, weather, etc.


The Knauer Group:
Global warming history, the problem, what we can do and technological interventions. The Knauer Group: Global Warming Games and FREE BOOK offer.


Marian Koshland Science Museum:
Marian Koshland Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences hosts an online interactive exhibit, "Global Warming Facts & Our Future." Discusses the greenhouse effect, carbon cycle, the impact of those changes and the predicted result.


Global Warming-Resource Center:
EPA's Personal Greenhouse Calculator. This gives you an estimate of the amount of emissions your household produces.


Global Warming: There is a Video at the end of the information list. VIDEO!!


CIRES: Climate Time Line: Exploring Weather and Climate Change through the Power of Ten.


Global Warming is Hot Stuff!

Environmental Education for Kids: Global Warming is Hot Stuff! Discusses the greenhouse effect, gases, consequences, what you can do to slow global warming.


PEW Center: The PEW Center: Global Climate Change. Basic information on what global warming means, and how you can help to stop the process.
Explains climate, why there is global warming, what the greenhouse effect is and what this means.


Clean Air Kids:
Clean Air Kids: Greenhouse Effect & Global Warming. Explains the Natural greenhouse effect, pollutions role on enhancing the greenhouse effect, the results of that, the ozone layer and what you can do to help.


An Olympic-Sized Ozone Hole:
River Deep: An Olympic Sized Ozone Hole, Earth's Ozone Shield: Explain what the ozone layer is, the chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which deteriorate the ozone layer and graphics.


Kids Site:
Discusses what global warming is, climate and weather, the greenhouse effect, the climate system, the effects and how to help.


Global Warming Student Research Page:
Basic information about global warming, more in-depth information about global warming and treaty negotiations.

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