Summer Scholars 2005
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Field Trips:

» Grand Canyon trip
» Sand Dunes trip


During Summer Scholars 2005 students studied the effects of Global Warming and Climate Change. To facilitate learning two field trips were designed to give them a first hand look at the cause and effects of global warming on the Colorado Plateau.

Every Tuesday the students traveled to the Grand Canyon to learn about the changes, both culturally and physically, that has taken place in that region. They listened: to Native Guest speakers that talked about the changes that have taken place in their life time, and a Geologist that talked about the geological changes that have taken place over millennia. They also gathered information about the changes in flora and fauna that have taken place in recent history, such as the introduction of invasive plant species and the reintroduction of the California Condors.

Every Thursday the students furthered their education of Global Warming and Climate change by becoming field scientist in order to gather data on the sand dunes near Tuba City. They worked with a couple of native scientists, to gather data to be submitted to the GLOBE organization. They studied the effects of the recent drought in relationship to how the sand dunes move and spread. Working with native scientists Dr. Margaret Hiza, USGS and Arnold Clifford, Geo-Botanist the students gained an appreciation of how western science and traditional knowledge can be used to gain a greater understanding of how the worlds climate and therefore the worlds cultures are changing.

» Grand Canyon trip
» Sand Dunes trip

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