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Shonto Middle School

Shonto Prep. High School

Tuba City Junior High / Kaibab Paiute


The Summer Scholars program provides Native American students a one-week on-campus pre-college experience with emphasis in mathematics, science, and technology and how these can be applied to environmental issues. Students stay in the Northern Arizona University (NAU) dorms.

The goal of Summer Scholars is to make students aware of opportunities that exist after high school. Students are encouraged to consider mathematics, science and technology careers that require a college degree. Summer Scholars students also build mentoring relationships with NAU students who are instructors during the week.

Environmental Education Outreach Program
PO Box 5768 * Flagstaff, AZ 86011-5768
Phone: 928/523-1275 * Fax: 928/523-1280 * email: eeop@nau.edu
www.nau.edu/ www4.nau.edu/itep www.epa.gov