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Can Leetso and Hozho' Coexist?
Uranium Education for Middle School Students

Table 1, Curricular Framework
Essential question
Important to know
Worth being familiar with
Living in harmony in a nuclear world What does it mean to live in harmony? What is hozhˇ? Examples of hozhˇ
Evidence for being out of harmony
Methods to reestablish hozhˇ

Is Leetso (the uranium issue) alive or dead in our community? Is Leetso present in our community?
Is Leetso no longer present in our community?
Location of mines/mills/tailings
Quality of water sources
Location of reclaimed sites
Any active proposals or claims

Is it possible to live in harmony with nature and still mine resources from the earth? What would a mine that is in harmony with nature be like? Examples of low-impact mining
Negative effects of mining

Is all radiation bad? Myths and facts about 3 R's: radiation, radioactivity, radon Techniques to detect the 3 R's
Other radioactive materials
Calculation and uses of radioisotope half-lives
Consequences of nuclear resource extraction Should all mining be stopped? Products and benefits of mining
Environmental costs of mining
Techniques of mining & milling
Common uses of mined products

Is mine reclamation really possible? Methods and effectiveness of reclamation efforts Examples of reclaimed and unreclaimed mines, mills, tailings and debris piles.

Is nuclear energy necessary in the modern world? Community and personal benefits of nuclear resources Medical uses of radiation
Economics & types of power plants

Community and personal impacts of nuclear resources Sources of radiation exposure
Nuclear waste issues

Community and personal changes necessary to safely use nuclear resources Mitigation of high radon levels
Personal behavior changes
Radioactive water clean-up efforts


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Last updated: April 4, 2002


ôWe do not inherit the Earth from our ancestor, we borrow it from our childrenö
Native American Proverb