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Territory Greens Party: Created by Northern Territory branch of the Australian Greens Party this web page address uranium mining, indigenous land rights and health, responsible planning, sustainable development, land clearing, and freedom of information. In addition, this website provides information on the various mining industries in Australia and their environmental record.

Calendar of Nuclear Accidents and Events: This site provides a calendar showing the threat humanity faces from the atom bomb and the nuclear fuel cycle. The calendar gives some examples of the everyday nuclear incidents that have occurred all over the world.

The Abalone Alliance: This web page provides documentation to support the permanent halt to the construction and operation of nuclear power plants in California through direct action and education.

Regional Environmental Center: Organization located in Central and Eastern Europe their web page features Hungary's only uranium ore mine, reduced to a skeleton staff of around 100 left mainly to clean up after 40 years of neglect. In 1997, uranium mining at the Mecsek Ore Mining Company stopped completely, but its closure will leave a longer lasting legacy than unemployment.




Last updated: November 19, 2004


“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestor, we borrow it from our children”
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