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Navajo Nation students, teachers, and community members will gain a better understanding of uranium and radiation science, risk assessment, health concerns, and how to mitigate them through the Uranium and Radiation Education Outreach in Navajo Nation (UREO) program.

Many of the richest uranium deposits in the world are on or near tribal lands in the southwestern United States. Residents receive elevated exposure to radiation from both the natural background radiation and past uranium mining and milling operations. The materials that remain at the mining and milling sites have contaminated groundwater and other resources. The Dine’ College’s Uranium Education Project partnered with the Environmental Education Outreach Program at Northern Arizona University to increase education about uranium and radiation problems on the Navajo Nation.

Funded by the Environmental Protection Agency, this project employs several methods to better educate teachers, students, and community members of the Navajo Nation about uranium and radiation issues. An advisory committee composed of tribal and non-tribal uranium and radiation experts will meet to identify the most important education issues. Then, nine regional workshops will share culturally relevant curriculum and information dealing with uranium and radiation issues with the teachers of third through twelfth grade Navajo Nation classrooms.

“The whole idea is to use the kids as a vehicle to educate the community,” said Frederick Sherman, UREO project coordinator.

The UREO advisory board will meet the first week of November. Regional teacher workshops will begin in January and continue throughout the school year. To find out more about UREO contact Mansel A. Nelson at (928) 523-1275.


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Last updated: April 4, 2002


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