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"The Return of Navajo Boy"

Return of Navajo Boy: An Official Sundance Film Festival 2000 Selection, Return of Navajo Boy chronicles the interesting chain of events surrounding the lives of the Cly’s, a Navajo family in Monument Valley. Interspersed with footage from the original Navajo Boy, a silent, black and white film produced in the 1950’s, the film returns to the Cly family forty years later. Return of Navajo Boy sheds light on both movie making and uranium mining in Monument Valley. Bringing to the forefront the continuing problem of uranium exposure on the Navajo reservation, the movie discusses both the loss of their mother at a young age from a lung ailment and current uranium related health problems and issues facing the family. The film culminates with the return of a long lost brother, adopted by missionaries after his mother’s death, who found his family during the making of this documentary.

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“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestor, we borrow it from our children”
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