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Other Problem-Based Learning Links

The Hong Kong Centre for Problem-Based Learning promotes and supports the development of PBL in all areas of education in Hong Kong and is the regional centre for the Asia-Pacific Problem-Based Learning Association. Primary focus is on higher education applications of PBL.

The University of Delaware Problem-Based Learning site provides links to other PBL sites, sample PBL problems, and a clearinghouse; primary focus is on applications in undergraduate education.

Universiteit Maastricht's PBL web site collates multiple resources from the Netherlands and internationally to assist faculty members in the implementation of PBL, primarily at the undergraduate level.

The Samford University Problem-Based Learning Initiative does research into the efficacy of PBL in undergraduate and professional education. The web site serves as a clearinghouse about PBL.

PROBLARC - Problem-Based Learning and Assessment Centre at the University of Newcastle in Australia coordinates the development and elaboration of PBL methodology. Site provides many links to bibliographies, workshops, and workshops.

McMaster University's Medical School (Ontario, Canada) pioneered problem-based learning and remains a world class leader in PBL. Links are provided to other university web sites, primarily in medical education.

Problem-based Learning, especially in the context of large classes. Donald R. Woods' 1996 book about using PBL at the university level is published on the web, with multiple resources and links for information.

Center for the Advancement and Renewal of Learning and Teaching in Mathematics, Science, and Technology provides many links to Illinois standards, internet resources, and internet-based learning.

The University of Manchester (England) Department of English and American Studies is beginning using PBL to teach literary studies at the undergraduate level. More information about how this is being implemented is available on the web site.


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