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The goal of UREO (Uranium and Radiation Education Outreach) is to increase awareness of uranium and radiation health and environmental issues for students (grades 3 12) and community members living in communities that are impacted by uranium mining activities on the Navajo Nation. The program encourages collaboration between educators of Native American students and tribal environmental professionals to address community environmental issues. Additionally, the program encourages Native American students to consider preparing for and entering environmental careers. UREO believes that problem-based learning (PBL) is an effective pedagogical technique to accomplish these goals.

"Education involves either problem solving or preparation for problem solving... When teachers and schools skip the problem-formulating stage handing facts and procedures to students without giving them a chance to develop their own questions and investigate by themselves students may memorize material but will not fully understand or be able to use it. Problem-based learning (PBL) provides a structure for discovery that helps students internalize learning and leads to greater comprehension."

Robert Delisle, 1997
How to Use Problem-Based Learning in the Classroom


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