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Can Leetso and Hozho' Coexist?
Uranium Education for Middle School Students

What does it mean to live in harmony (hozhˇ)?
Should all mining be stopped?
Is it possible to live in harmony with nature and still mine resources from the earth?

Project #5 (Write a story or poem that reflects two points of view about living in harmony in a nuclear age. Illustrate this creative piece.)

Guest speaker: Community elder on concept of hozhˇ

Video: Navajo (DinÚ) uranium issues

Components of a story
Examples of a story
Components of a narrative poem
Examples of narrative poems
Products obtained from mined resources

Student team:
Brainstorm storyline
Plan and describe characters in
Begin writing story or poem

Demonstration: Techniques of illustration

Student team:
Develop illustration
Edit story or poem
Publish final version for class presentation

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Last updated: April 4, 2002


ôWe do not inherit the Earth from our ancestor, we borrow it from our childrenö
Native American Proverb