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Can Leetso and Hozho' Coexist?
Uranium Education for Middle School Students

Cumulative assessment

Project #6 (Write a letter of application for a job with one of the uranium constituents. In the letter, detail your strengths, weaknesses, and knowledge about uranium mining, milling, the 3 R's, and the concept of hozhˇ.)

Student: Brainstorm self-knowledge about topic

Structure of Venn diagrams
Model Venn diagram about strengths/weaknesses

Student: Put brainstormed concepts into Venn diagram form

Review letter-writing styles
Model writing letter of application
Analyze samples of letters

Student: Write first draft of letter of application using information from Venn diagram
Read and comment on another student's letter (blind copy)
Re-write final draft of letter, considering student comments

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Last updated: April 4, 2002


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